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Read Our Top 10 Bankruptcy Blogs For 2021

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Boerne Debt Relief LawyerAt the Law Offices of Chance M. McGhee, we regularly publish blogs addressing a wide variety of topics related to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and debt relief. We work to provide potential clients with helpful information about their options for addressing and eliminating debts while protecting their assets and ensuring that they can maintain financial stability. We wanted to highlight the most-read blogs of 2021, and these articles demonstrate the knowledge and assistance that we offer to people in cases involving bankruptcy.

  1. Can I Keep My Car if I File for a Texas Bankruptcy? - In addition to looking at the options for reaffirming or redeeming a car loan during the bankruptcy process, we recently updated this blog with information about when a “cramdown” may be used to reduce the amount owed on these types of loans.

  2. What is Considered "Income" for the Chapter 7 "Means Test" - To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor will need to demonstrate that their income is below the median amount in their state. This blog looks at the forms of income considered in these cases and the time frames that apply.

  3. Bankruptcy Stops a Property Tax Foreclosure - Debtors who are facing foreclosure due to the failure to pay property taxes will want to understand their options. This blog looks at how filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can address property taxes and other debts.

  4. Creditor Not Listed But Knows about Your Case - This blog looks at the types of debts that can be discharged through bankruptcy, including in cases where a debtor does not list a debt when filing for bankruptcy but a creditor knows about the bankruptcy case.

  5. Your Voluntary Dismissal of a Chapter 13 Case - This blog addresses situations where a debtor may wish to end a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case voluntarily.

  6. When Can I Receive a Hardship Discharge in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? - If a debtor experiences issues that would cause them to be unable to complete a Chapter 13 repayment plan, they may be able to have their remaining debts discharged. We look at the requirements that will need to be met in these cases.

  7. The Surprising Benefits: Chapter 13 Potentially Discharges Divorce Property Settlement Debts - This blog looks at when non-support debts related to a person’s divorce may be discharged through bankruptcy.

  8. Good Timing Can Shorten Your Chapter 13 Case by 2 Years - This article describes how filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy at the right time will affect the length of a repayment plan.

  9. The Option of Severing Your Chapter 13 Case from Your Spouse - If a couple files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and gets a divorce before completing their repayment plan, they may be able to divide their bankruptcy into two separate cases.

  10. Objecting to a Creditor's Proof of Claim in Chapter 13 - This blog addresses when a debtor may be able to object to certain claims by creditors during a bankruptcy case.

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