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The Negative Physical Impacts of Financial Stress

 Posted on February 20, 2014 in San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

financial stress bankruptcy 462446523Many may have anxiety when thinking about bankruptcy and it’s possible impacts, but it’s important to realize that constant financial stress in your life can lead to negative ramifications, too. When you’re dealing with a mountain of financial problems, that influence can rub off on your physical well-being.

If you have been feeling like you’ll never get on top of the finances, you need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to learn more about your options.

If you’re short on cash, you're more likely to put off getting treatment or medications for an existing health problem. This can build up, and when coupled with the worrying associated with being behind on your bills, can start to cause chronic health issues for you. You might be avoiding medical treatment because you have past due bills, too, or even feeling guilty because you can’t afford to invest in some kind of care, like braces, that your children might need. This can manifest as anxiety in your everyday life.

In a recent study, people were asked whether they thought their physical health had been affected by financial stress. Nearly half of all survey respondents indicated that they felt “stressed out” as a result of their financial woes. Others indicated health issues like headaches, depression, back pain, ulcers, appetite disorders, weight gain, or even insomnia.

If you’re currently struggling to make minimum payments and trying to keep creditors off your back, this is not a long term solution. You need help, and consulting with a bankruptcy attorney can be a valuable opportunity.

When you feel like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place financially, it’s time to re-evaluate the situation to determine whether there’s a better approach. Bankruptcy may be the fresh start you need, giving you time to get back on your feet and approach your life with a new plan.

Continued stress and anxiety associated with worry over financial problems can cause you physical pain and problems. Contact a Texas bankruptcy attorney today for more information.

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