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Benefits of Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Posted on in Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Texas chapter 7 lawyer, Texas chapter 13 attorney, Texas bankruptcy lawyer, For many Americans, bankruptcy offers a path to a debt-free life and freedom from the harassment of debt-collection agencies. However, the process of filing for bankruptcy is more intricate than most people assume.

Even if you know that you qualify for bankruptcy, the guidance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney may prove invaluable. Here are four reasons why:

1. An attorney can help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is a smart decision.

As highlights, a bankruptcy lawyer can assess your situation and help you determine if filing is a smart decision. There may be other ways to manage your debt, such as negotiating with creditors to reduce the amount owed or to establish a reasonable payment plan.

2. An attorney can explain bankruptcy laws.

A bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your case and explain the relevant laws. Different regulations apply to each chapter, and these laws my affect your eligibility.

3. An attorney can help you stop the actions of debt-collection agencies.

Dealing with insurmountable debt is hard enough without annoying calls from collection agencies. Your attorney may be able to stop those calls.

4. An attorney can help you avoid mistakes.

First-time filers often make mistakes that delay the bankruptcy process. There may be errors on the paperwork, or the person may break certain laws without knowing – such as excessively using credit before filing. An attorney can make sure you do not compromise your financial or personal interests.

With the right legal support, the process of filing for bankruptcy will become much simpler and easier to manage. A lawyer can guide you through every step – from filing the initial paperwork to managing finances after paying your debts.

If you plan to file for bankruptcy in Texas, contact Chance M. McGhee. Mr. McGhee is a dedicated San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. He can evaluate your circumstances to determine if bankruptcy is the best approach to managing your debt. To schedule a consultation, call 210-342-3400.

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