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Casey Anthony Files Chapter 7 | San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney

 Posted on February 26, 2013 in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

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According to Casey Anthony, the infamous mother of Caylee Anthony, she owes about $80,000 to various creditors and almost $500,000 to her defense attorney. Because of this, she has now filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in federal court.

This article from KHOU, a CBS-affiliated station in Houston, Texas, shows that filing for bankruptcy also allows all lawsuits against Anthony to be frozen—including the one filed by Texas Equusearch.

Equusearch, a non-profit organization, helps police look for missing persons. In the case of Caylee Anthony, they spent about $119,000 on the search, and enlisted over 4,200 volunteers from all over the country. The lawsuit claims that no matter the truth in Caylee’s death (the defense claimed she drowned in a pool and the parents covered it up; prosecutors said Anthony murdered her with chloroform), Anthony knew her daughter was dead—the search never would have happened with this knowledge.

Many times, filing for bankruptcy is a legal tactic, which allows attorneys to delay trials of lawsuits filed in state courts. Because of this, Equusearch will have a very difficult time collecting from Anthony.

In her bankruptcy petition, she states she has no income to pay off her debts. However, she may receive income in the future if she signs a book or movie deal. This statement leads many legal analysts to believe she is filing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy for protection. It will allow Anthony to wipe out her debts before collecting money from possible deals.

Filing for bankruptcy is a long and complicated process, and can affect you and your family in many ways. If you’re thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it is best to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Our law firm in San Antonio will help you through the process. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a qualified San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney.

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