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Bankruptcy and Mental Health: Battling Negative Emotions

August 6th, 2014 at 5:46 pm

bankruptcy, bankruptcy and mental health, bankruptcy stressors, San Antonio bankruptcy attorney, your mental health, low self-esteem, bankruptcy and depressionFiling for bankruptcy can be one of the most emotionally and psychologically straining times in a person’s life. While dealing with attorneys, the court, and creditors, he or she is simultaneously trying to rebuild his or her economic stability and livelihood. Yet the stress and other related issues naturally increase.

Bankruptcy can be devastating to one’s psychological well-being and even perpetuate the problem in other ways. The unpleasantries and feelings associated with the bankruptcy process are far reaching and can have many negative effects. In fact, the economic constraints associated with bankruptcy can cause loss of emotional control, anxiety and depression, and relationship problems. Often, this is a direct result to the sense of shame that many carry with their bankruptcy proceedings. Consider the following psychological consequences bankruptcy and financial hardship can cause.

Problems with self-esteem: Many people associate their monetary worth with who they are as a person, and subsequently feel as if they failed themselves or loved ones. Low self-esteem opens the door for depression, anxiety, and isolation due to a sense of guilt and shame.
Perpetuation of the problem: The anxiety and depression brought on by bankruptcy often causes impulsive behaviors. These include behaviors like gambling and overspending. Some may purchase beyond their means when under duress to compensate for their low mood. Unfortunately, this can easily complicate bankruptcy cases and can be detrimental moving forward.
Physical manifestations of psychological problems: Stress and anxiety release an excess amount of hormones that can cause physical symptoms. Some common physical manifestations are muscle spasms and tension, chronic headaches, back pain, and teeth grinding. Stress can also lower your immune system, thus making it more difficult to fight off illness.

The negative results of bankruptcy certainly extend far beyond financial constraints. Bankruptcy can be devastating to emotional stability and result in mood problems and physical ailments in the long and short term. However, consulting a professional and caring San Antonio bankruptcy attorney can help prevent some of the stressors associated with bankruptcy and mental health.

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